Saturday, May 10, 2008

How To Lose 20 Pounds in One Month

I’ve tried to lose weight for a long time. And believe me I tried every diet out there. Atkins was a waste of money. Diet Pills, workout programs, if it’s existed I tried it. Who are these snake oil salesmen trying to fool! I tried to exercise. I would go running every day. But I also have two jobs and it became difficult to exercise and have enough energy to work during the day.

I wanted change in my life.I was tired of being obese. I cried myself to sleep many nights as I thought about all the different things that I did to lose weight. It hurt inside to think about how hard I was trying and how little results I was seeing. Nothing would work. I mean nothing.


I began to think that something was wrong with me. That is until one day. I was surfing on the internet. I was surfing the same way you are probably doing right now. I was at the point of giving up. I was consumed with frustration. I just wanted to be thin like everybody else. Every night when I would go to bed I would dream of being thinner. Then one day I ran into a product that changed my life. This inspired me to write this blog and share with you how I lost weight and kept it off. Click here to find out more about how I did it.


hannah said...

Hey guys just wanted to share my experience with you guys, I followed the instructions on and it helped me alot. I lost 30 pounds in 45 days. I highly recommend you guys try it.

Anonymous said...

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